The Clutch

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Compact, yet versatile, the FERRONATO Clutch is the ultimate accessory. Exquisitely handcrafted from premium Italian leather, with a detachable wrist strap, it can be stand-alone, or it can fit inside the bag you already have. The interior features two compartments; one for your phone and the other for your credit cards. Lined with Metafab™, the Clutch blocks all electromagnetic waves such as GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM and RFI. 

No Tracking
No Listening
No Stealing
Made in Italy

Product dimensions: 12 cm x 22,5 cm
This product is suitable for phones up to 8,3 x 16,8 cm


Two compartments snap lock flap detachable wrist strap

Materials & Technologies

Made with premium Italian leather and high-end MetaFab™.


within 4-5 working days after purchase



Embedded within the interior of each bag is our high-end, metallised fabric, MetaFab®. Engineered in Switzerland, MetaFab® creates a formidable Faraday cage with the power to block all electromagnetic interferences. Once a device is safely inserted, the MetaFab® prevents hacking, tracking, being listened to and being financially exposed.


Each exquisitely crafted exterior is made from premium Italian leather. The components are meticulously cut and assembled. In creating the world’s most stylish accessories for privacy protection, each element of detailing is carefully considered.


We live in a world where data theft and cybercrime have become increasingly commonplace. Our right to personal privacy is rapidly being eroded. If you believe the time has come to take back control, the FERRONATO range – with its blend of Swiss technology and Italian flair – puts the power firmly in your hands.

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